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King Edward VII Land

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This stamp was used by the Shackleton Antarctic Expedition of 1908. The 1d Penny Universal stamp was overprinted 'King Edward VII Land' by Coulls, Culling & Co.

Issue information

Lieutenant E H Shackleton, R.N.R. (later Sir Ernest Shackleton), had intended making his base camp in King Edward VII Land in the Antarctic but on failing to find a suitable landing place he made his base at McMurdo Sound, which was in fact in Victoria Land.

The Expedition left England in the Nimrod on 7 August 1907.  Its last port of call en route to Antarctica was Lyttleton, New Zealand, where final departure for the southern continent was made on 1 January 1908.

Lieutenant Shackleton was appointed to be a Postmaster by the New Zealand Government and was provided with a special date stamp - the date stamp read "Brit. Antarctic Expedition" in a circle with 'NZ', time and date in four lines in the centre.


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Single Stamp

Single 1d 'Zealandia (Penny Universal)' gummed stamp.

Overprinted with 'King Edward VII Land'


Technical information

Date of issue: 1 January 1908
Designers: Guido Bach
Printers: Government Printing Office, New Zealand and Coulls, Culling, New Zealand
Stamp size: 20mm x 24mm
Sheet size: Panes of 60 (sheets of 240 were split into panes before overprinting)
Process: Surface printed - Typography
Perforation gauge: 14
Paper type: Cowan chalk surfaced, NZ and star watermark.