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FAQ - Digital Stamps

What is an NFT?  

  • NFT stands for non-fungible token, non-fungible meaning they are unique and cannot be replicated 

  • They are essentially digital assets that can represent objects such as art 

  • NFTs are unique digital tokens used to store, create and exchange exclusive assets on a blockchain. They are valuable because they contain virtual proof of digital asset ownership 

  • NFTs can be collected, bought and sold just like other collectable items. However, NFTs are not physical objects. 


Why is NZ Post making them?  

  • NZ Post has licensed digital collectables platform VeVe to distribute NFT versions of its stamps for collecting and trading. NZ Post wants to support the collectables programme to continue and flourish by bringing a new audience to stamp collecting. 

  • The opportunity to expand the collectables business into the digital art space. 


What about the environmental impact of NFTs?  


What is VeVe 

VeVe is a mobile application available for Android and iOS devices, developed by Ecomi (a New Zealand company). The app serves as a platform for the buying and selling of licensed digital collectables, utilisingNFT technology. VeVe has the distinction of being the first marketplace to offer NFTs from prominent brands such as Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, Givenchy, Coca-Cola, and Pixar. USPS was the first postal service to issue NFT stamps, and NZ Post will be the second on the VeVe Platform. 


How can I buy them?  

 These NFTs can only be found on VeVe:

1. Download the VeVe Mobile or Web App ( 

2. Create Your VeVe account, following their instructions.

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