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Postmark (date stamp) service

Postmark (date stamp) service

The standard ‘New Zealand Post’ postmark (date stamp) is used for all mail processed across the country, and is an important part of postage.

About Postmarks
Date Stamping Philatelic Mail
Philatelic Date Stamping Facilities

About Postmarks

Postmarks are used to ensure postage isn’t used more than once, and to identify which postal operator has carried the mail.

The standard national postmark includes the date of cancellation to demonstrate our commitment to meeting service standards. This postmark includes a 3-digit cancellation code, for New Zealand Post reference, to enable us to identify and track where mail has been processed. The cancellation code relates to the geographical location and sort zone.

Under the Postal Services Act, postal operators are required by law to identify mail they carry. Any additional information – such as place or time – is provided at the carrier’s discretion. While the place of cancellation is no longer provided to avoid confusion, New Zealand Post will continue to include the date mail is cancelled to demonstrate its commitment to meeting service standards.

New Zealand Post values the commitment of collectors of our stamps and appreciates the importance and value placed on postmarks.  We continue to provide the current cancellation services offered through the Collectables and Solutions Centre and also offer pictorial postmarks in some regional sites.

Date Stamping Philatelic Mail

To ensure we continue to provide the best quality (and consistent) service to our valued philatelic customers, we made a policy change on 21 September 2015 regarding hand cancelling of philatelic mail in the sense that it would no longer be supported at Post Shops.

Instead, any customers who wish to have their philatelic mail hand cancelled can send their mail to one of our three Mail Centres or the Whanganui Collectables and Solutions Centre (refer to Philatelic Date Stamping Facilities).

To coincide with this change we developed a new pictorial date stamp for Manawatu as well as updating the date stamps for the Auckland Mail Service Centre, the Christchurch Mail Service Centre, and the Whanganui Collectables and Solutions Centre. Date stamps are still used by the Private Box Counter at New Zealand Post House in Waterloo Quay, Wellington to cancel philatelic mail. You will also be able to have mail cancelled with the Ross Dependency date stamp via the Christchurch Mail Centre, but please note the this will only apply to Ross Dependency stamps.

If you have an existing relationship with staff at your local Post Shop, it will be at the discretion of the Post Shop manager whether they continue to process requests for hand cancelled philatelic mail.

If you have any concerns or questions about date stamping of your mail, please contact the Whanganui Collectables and Solutions Centre.

Phone: +64 6 349 1234

Philatelic Date Stamping Facilities

To have your mail date stamped, please send the addressed mail you would like cancelled inside a postage-paid envelope to any of the addresses listed below.



Philatelic Mail
Collectables and Solutions Centre
Private Bag 3001
Whanganui Mail Service Centre
Whanganui 4540




Philatelic Mail
New Zealand Post
PO Box 204007
Auckland 2161




Philatelic Mail
Wellington Box Lobby
PO Box 196
Wellington 6140

wellington-pictorial-1.pngwellington-pictorial-2.png wellington-pictorial-3.png



Philatelic Mail
Christchurch Mail Service Centre
Private Bag 55055
Orchard Road
Christchurch 8154

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