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Official Effigy of King Charles III for New Zealand Coins

The official effigy for New Zealand's circulating coins has been confirmed by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. The portrait was provided by the Royal Mint for use on the currencies of Commonwealth nations. For more information, you can refer to the official announcement by the Reserve Bank.

In May 2023, commemorative legal tender coins celebrating the coronation of King Charles III and featuring New Zealand designer Stephen Fuller's depiction of His Majesty were issued by NZ Post. These were the first New Zealand coins to be issued featuring a portrait of the King on the obverse.

NZ Post will also be releasing its first commemorative coins with the new effigy in 2024. These coins will be part of the 2024 New Zealand Proof Currency Set and will be available later in the year. 

On subsequent commemorative coin issues that have not yet been put into production, the interim effigy of King Charles III will be replaced by the official effigy for circulating coins.
Designed for the Royal Mint by Dan Thorne, it will be applied to all New Zealand’s circulating coins as they are minted. In keeping with the convention that the direction changes between sovereigns, the King faces to the left.

The first circulating coin to bear the new effigy will likely be the 10-cent piece, with an expected minting date of 2025.



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