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The New Zealand Collection 2009

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Here was an opportunity for you to celebrate an entire year of New Zealand stamps – a year in which we applauded achievements, honoured heroes, introduced innovations and a whole lot more!

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This superb book took you on a 12-month journey of discovery, and featured an outstanding selection of stamps, glorious pictorial images and an extensive commentary on the stamp subjects from some of New Zealand’s most well known personalities.

People, Places and Perspectives

When you turned the pages of The New Zealand Collection 2009, you were soon absorbed in the beautiful stamps and the great reads that accompanied them – from the downright hilarious to the scientifically enthralling!

For example, New Zealand’s most popular ecology specialist Ruud Kleinpaste (aka ‘The Bugman’) held you spellbound with his enthusiastic support of one of the titans of New Zealand’s natural world – the giant weta. Dispelling misconceptions and providing some enlightening facts about ‘these wonderful Orthopterans’, Ruud soon had you convinced that, far from being a creature to flee from, the weta deserves our affection and appreciation.

On other pages, Television New Zealand news reporter Hadyn Jones took us on his personal ‘Tiki tour’ – seven weeks he spent driving the length and breadth of our country. As Hadyn told us, the Tiki tour is as much about the people you met as the places you had visited, and he had a few delightful examples to tell you about!

Indeed, people featured in many of 2009’s stamps, with among the most significant being Sir Peter Blake. A brilliant yachtsman, Blake was also an inspirational leader, record-breaker, pasionate Kiwi and ardent environmentalist. Stephanie Gibson, curator of the ‘Blue Water Black Magic: A Tribute to Sir Peter Blake’ exhibition, provided a unique insight into the man and his life, and his place as an icon and a great New Zealander.

You could read these stories and more, covering the innovative, traditional and not-so-traditional stamps released during the year. From ANZAC to anniversaries, motorsport to Matariki and Christmas to KiwiStamp, it was not a collection to miss, or put down when it arrived.

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Book Annual album containing all of the New Zealand Post stamps issued in 2009. Also included within this beautifully displayed album were stories behind each of the stamp issues. $89.00

Technical information

Issue date: 25 November 2009
Stamp issues featured:
  • Lighthouses of New Zealand
  • 2009 Year of the Ox
  • New Zealand Champions of World Motorsport
  • Giants of New Zealand
  • 2009 ANZAC Series – Comrades in Arms
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge – 50th Anniversary
  • Matariki 2009 - Heitiki
  • 2009 Scenic Definitives
  • A Tiki Tour of New Zealand
  • 2009 KiwiStamp
  • 2009 Children’s Health – 80th Anniversary
  • Christmas 2009
  • Sir Peter Blake 1948 - 2001
Period of sale: This book remained on sale until 12 February 2016.