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1931 Provisional

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A series of internal airmail flights were planned within New Zealand in December 1931.

Issue information

The special airmail fee was fixed at 3d per ounce, and as the ordinary letter postage rate was 2d, approval was given for the issue of an air stamp to cover both the special fee and the postage.

Time did not permit the production of a new plate and after proofs in green and in blue had been considered, a printing was run off of the 3d Airmail stamp issued earlier in the same year in yellow and green and the value changed by means of overprint. The inscription 'FIVE PENCE' was set up in type and a red surcharge was overprinted on the special printing.

Approval was granted by the Postmaster-General on the 11 December 1931.


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Product listing for 1931 Provisional

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Image Title Description Price
Single Stamp

Single 5d 'Green' gummed stamp.



Technical information

Date of issue: 18 December 1931
Perforation gauge: 14 x 14.5
Paper type: Thick cowan chalk, NZ star and watermark.
Period of sale: This stamp remained on sale until October 1935.