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1935 Pictorials 8d 'Tuatara Stamp' Greeting Card + Pin

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1935 Pictorials 8d 'Tuatara' Stamp Greeting Card and Pin 

Treat someone to a historical stamp greeting card with matching enamel pin. Perfect to give as a simple wearable gift for family or friends.

The tuatara is a link between the lizard and the crocodile and is the sole living representative of some of the oldest creatures that ever inhabited the earth - evidence of the great antiquity of New Zealand. The tuatara is peculiar in having the relic of a third eye. It is 30 - 45 centimetres in length, covered with a grey, leathery, wrinkled skin.

Card printer and process: 

  • Paper Type: Crescendo
  • Size: 112mm x 155mm

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