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1991 Happy Birthday

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A colourful issue which celebrated the fun and custom of birthdays.

Issue information

New Zealanders are keen senders of greetings cards. In fact, every day thousands of birthday and greeting cards pass through postal sorters' hands on their way to friends and loved ones throughout New Zealand and other parts of the world. This stamp issue was designed with the message 'Happy Birthday' to add a special touch to birthday mail. The colourful, attractive designs featured the customs which most strongly symbolised birthdays to us and most of the western world - gifts, party hats, balloons and birthday cake.

The stamps were produced in booklets containing five 40c stamps. Due to a change in the postage rate the booklets were reissued on 1 July 1991 with five 45 cent stamps.

Product listing for 1991 Happy Birthday

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Image Title Description Price
First Day Cover First day cover with stamps affixed. Cancelled on the first day of issue. $2.25
Self-adhesive Booklet Booklet containing 5 x 40c self-adhesive stamps. $2.00


Technical information

Date of issue: 15 May 1991
Designers: Helen Crawford, Auckland, NZ
Printer: Leigh-Mardon, Australia
Stamp size: 45mm x 30mm (2 stamps); 30mm x 30mm (3 stamps)
Denominations: 5 x 40c stamps
Sheet size: 5 stamps per booklet
Process: Lithography
Perforation gauge: 13.3 x 13.6
Paper type: Coated Papers, red phosphor coated, unwatermarked
Period of sale: These stamps remained on sale until 1 October 1991.