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1994 Health

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This special anniversary issue celebrated past, present and future of children's health.

Issue information

Children's Health Camps have become as much a part of New Zealand's history and culture as 'Aunt Daisy', the All Blacks and 'pavlova'. In 1994 Children's Health Camps celebrated their 75th year of helping improve the overall health and well-being of young children.

As a reflection of the new pressures and needs of families in recent years, the role of Health Camps has evolved to deal with emotional and behavioural - as well as health - problems. Much of this is achieved through success-oriented activities designed to restore self-confidence and encourage independence in children.

The proceeds of the 'Health' value of health stamps were donated to the Children's Health Camps movement.

A Stronger Family Unit

As a means of further strengthening and integrating the vital family unit, Children's Health Camps now encourage parents or guardians to 'live in' for part of the period their children are at the camps. During this time they focus on how to respond to their children's emotional and physical needs.

The Issue

Like the camps themselves, Health stamps have become a familiar part of our culture. In fact for 65 of the 75 years, New Zealand Post issued special stamps to raise both awareness - and funds - for Children's Health Camps in New Zealand. To mark this 75th anniversary we produced a special four stamp issue which fused Health stamps of the past with contemporary images. 

This issue also included two first day covers and a miniature sheet. The miniature sheet shows girls washing their hair in basins outdoors at the Turakina Health Camp in the early 1920s.

Product listing for 1994 Health

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Image Title Description Price
Single Stamp

Single 45c + 5c gummed stamp

A woman with child represents the tender loving care and the emotional health care children receive at Health Camps. The modern-day staff worker and child are set against the classic 1949 'Nurse' Health Stamp.

Single Stamp

Children's Health Surcharge - 45c + 5c 

Children reading reflects the educational role of Health Camps, in the areas of both scholastic and 'life' skills. In the background of the stamp is a Health Stamp issued in 1969, featuring Dr Elizabeth Gunn, founder of the Children's Health Camps movement.

Single Stamp

Children's Health Surcharge - 45c + 5c

Children playing with a ball symbolises the values of teamwork, and striving to achieve, which are instilled through activity-based programmes at Health Camps. The contemporary scene is set against the 1939 'Beachball' Health Stamp.

Single Stamp

Children's Health Surcharge - 80c + 5c 

One of the earliest Health Stamps, the 1931 'Blue Boy', created a background for the modern stamp. It symbolised the aim of Health Camps to foster the health of children, caring for their emotional, physical, social and educational well-being.

Miniature Sheet Mint, used or cancelled miniature sheet. $2.35
First Day Cover First day cover with stamps affixed. Cancelled on the first day of issue. $2.60
Miniature Sheet First Day Cover First day cover with miniature sheet affixed. Cancelled on the first day of issue. $2.60

Technical information

Date of issue: 20 July 1994
Designer: Dave Gunson, Auckland, NZ
Printers: Leigh-Mardon, Australia
Stamp size: 34.5mm x 29mm; Miniature Sheet: 130mm x 90mm
Sheet size: 100 stamps per sheet; Miniature Sheet of four stamps
Process: Lithography
Perforation gauge: 14.25
Paper type: Coated Papers, red phosphor coated, unwatermarked
Period of sale: These stamps remained on sale until 20 July 1995.