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2012 Self-adhesive Scenic Definitive

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The 2012 Self-adhesive Scenic Definitive issue featured the beautiful Lake Rotorua.

Issue information

A change to international postage rates led to increased demand for a self-adhesive $2.40 stamp. The $2.40 rate is widely used on international letters and on extra-large letters domestically. Therefore, New Zealand Post issued this 2012 Self-adhesive Scenic Definitive stamp featuring Lake Rotorua.

Product Listing for 2012 Self-adhesive Scenic Definitive

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Image Title Description Price
Single Stamp Single $2.40 'Lake Rotorua' self-adhesive stamp. $2.40
First Day Cover First day cover with one stamp affixed. $2.90
Booklet Self-adhesive booklet of 5x $2.40 stamps. $12.00

Technical information

Date of issue: 1 February 2012
Number of stamps: One self-adhesive stamp
Stamps and first day cover designed by: Stamps Business, New Zealand Post, Wellington
Printers and process: Southern Colour Print Ltd by offset lithography
Number of colours:  Four process colours (tagged with red phosphor)
Stamp size and format: 30mm x 25mm (horizontal)
Paper type: Avery Dennison B100 Gloss-back non phosphor PSA (booklets), Avery Dennison B90 Kraft-back non phosphor PSA (single stamps/jumbo rolls)
Perforation gauge: Die cut
Period of sale: This stamp remained on sale until 31 January 2016.