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2017 Tokelau Kilihimahi

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Christmas is widely celebrated on the island of Tokelau as the birth of Jesus. The Nativity story is a prominent theme throughout their festive season. 

Issue information

In the 1850s-1860s Catholic and Protestant priests were competing for followers on Tokelau’s three atolls. As a result, the island has a majority of Christian inhabitants who celebrate Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas. To this day, many of the celebrations retain their strong Christian links and traditions, but adapted with the Tokelauan way of life.

Christmas in Tokelau marks the birth of Jesus, just as it does for Christians all over the world. The birth of Jesus is told through the Nativity story. This year’s Christmas stamps featured some of the key figures and scenes from the Nativity story, including Mary, the three wise men, an angel and baby Jesus.

Product Listing for 2017 Tokelau Kilihimahi

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Image Title Description Price
Single Stamp

Single 45c 'Angel' gummed stamp.

Throughout the Nativity story, angels play a key role as messengers, passing on the word of God to those that need to hear it. Angels appear on different occasions to both Mary and Joseph to tell them of the importance of the journey ahead of them. Angels also appeared to the shepherds that were out in the fields minding their flocks. The shepherds then made their way towards the bright shining star so that they could meet the son of God.

Single Stamp

Single $1.40 'Mary and baby Jesus' gummed stamp.

Mary was the fiancée of Joseph, a humble carpenter in Nazareth. Before they were married, Mary was visited by an angel who informed her that she was to give birth to a baby boy and that he would be called Jesus. Joseph had also been visited by an angel who told him of the importance of the baby that Mary was carrying. Together, the couple travelled to Bethlehem where Baby Jesus was born.

Single Stamp

Single $2.00 'Three wise men' gummed stamp.

When Jesus was born, a bright star appeared in the sky above him. People from all over saw this star and took it as a beacon, a sign that their saviour had been born. Among the many who flocked to Bethlehem to see Jesus were three wise men. They brought with them gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh - gifts commonly given to a king or deity as a sign of great honour and respect.

Single Stamp

Single $3.00 'Baby Jesus in a manger' gummed stamp.

Upon their arrival in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph arrived to find that all of the accommodation was full. The owner of a local inn took pity upon the pair and offered them his stable for the night. It was here that baby Jesus was born. Mary wrapped him tightly in cloth and laid him in a manger.

Miniature Sheet Mint, used or cancelled gummed miniature sheet. $6.85
First Day Cover First day cover with four gummed stamps affixed. Cancelled on the first day of issue. $7.35
Miniature Sheet First Day Cover First day cover with gummed miniature sheet affixed. Cancelled on the first day of issue. $7.35

Technical information

Date of issue: 6 December 2017
Number of stamps: Four gummed stamps
Denominations: 45c, $1.40, $2.00 & $3.00
Stamps, miniature sheet and first day covers designed by: Saint Andrew Matautia, New Zealand Post, Wellington, New Zealand
Printer: Collectables and Solutions Centre, New Zealand Post, Whanganui, New Zealand
Number of colours: Four process colours
Stamp size and format: 30mm x 40mm (vertical)
Paper type: Tullis Russell 104gsm red phosphor gummed stamp paper
Number of stamps per sheet: 16
Perforation gauge: 14.28 x 14.47
Special blocks: Plate blocks and value blocks could be obtained by purchasing at least six stamps from a sheet.
Period of sale: These stamps remained on sale until 5 December 2018.