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50th Year of the Korea Armistice

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New Zealand Post issued this commemorative pre-stamped envelope for the 50th anniversary of the Korea Armistice.

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On 27 July 1953, an agreement on a military armistice in Korea was signed “in the interest of stopping the Korean conflict, with its great toll of suffering and bloodshed on both sides”. The armistice came three years after 16 countries (including New Zealand) provided combatant military forces under a United Nations mandate to repel a North Korean invasion of South Korea.

New Zealand committed two Navy frigates and an emergency Army force (Kayforce) of over 1,200, additionally two Air Force personnel were attached to the Royal Airforce. During the conflict, two Navy and 31 Kayforce personnel gave their lives, 81 were wounded and one was taken prisonner of war.

In 2003, we remembered their gallantry and leadership with this special commemorative envelope.

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Pre-stamped Envelope Commemorative pre-stamped envelope. Was available with or without cancellation. $0.90

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Date of issue: 25 July 2003