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Ross Dependency: Scott Base

A Ross Island base built to support the British Trans-Antarctic Expedition (TAE) and International Geophysical Year (IGY) science was meant to be temporary. Today, over 60 years since it was built, Scott Base continues to support Aotearoa New Zealand’s scientific endeavours and champion environmental protection.  

The ageing buildings have now reached the end of their lives. To continue an impressive scientific legacy, a new sustainable base and wind farm will continue to support science for the next 50+ years. 

Much like the original, the new base will be built in New Zealand before being cut into sections and shipped 3720km across the Southern Ocean in 2027. The current base will then be dismantled and returned to New Zealand. 

The 2023 Ross Dependency stamp collection is an ode to the Scott Base as it currently stands. New Zealand’s home on Ross Island.

Photography by Anthony Powell, Antzwork

Date of issue: 6 September 2023

Ross Dependency: Scott Base

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