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Stamp Points 1999

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Stamp Rewards are our way of rewarding you with access to exclusive collectable products, through your everyday spending on stamps and coins. Here’s the rewards you could get in 2000!

Issue information

Since 1996, many collectors have enjoyed the unique stamp products that were only available through the Stamp Rewards program. It is very easy to enjoy the benefits of Stamp Rewards - every dollar you spent on stamps and coins earned you one Stamp Reward point, and as soon as you hit 150 points, you were eligible for our special reward products.

Your points were totalled at the end of 1999, and we sent you a reward selection form with your 1999 points total in the first mailing of 2000 which included a form for you to claim your rewards.

Product Listing for Stamp Points 1999

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Image Title Description Value
Set of Miniature Sheets Set of three miniature sheets that incorporated three stamps from three different 1999 stamp issues (three sheets, nine different stamps). The sheets were presented in a special Best of 1999 folder designed specifically for the Stamp Rewards programme. 150 points
Stamp Art Print   50 points
Stamp Art Print   50 points
Stamp Art Print   50 points
Stamp Art Print   50 points
Stamp Art Print   50 points
Stamp Art Print   50 points
Stamp Calendar 2000/2001   100 points

Technical information

Issue date: 1 January 2000
Stamp issues featured:
  • 1999 Year of the Rabbit - Popular Pets
  • 1999 Scenic Walks
  • New Zealand Art - Doris Lusk
  • Nostalgia - The Millennium Series Part Four
  • Leading the Way - The Millennium Series Part Five
  • Native Tree Flowers
  • Art Deco Buildings
  • Christmas 1999
  • Yachting
Period of sale:

These reward products remained available until 31 March 2000.