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The New Zealand Collection 2005

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Long before 2005, New Zealand Post was planning a truly spectacular year of stamps. A fitting celebration for the 150th anniversary of the first ever stamp issued in this country.

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The result was a look back at our past – to the people, places and events that shaped our nation, and a tantalising glimpse of the future, as we eagerly awaited Kiwi achievements that would once again place New Zealand on the international stage.

The New Zealand Collection 2005 presented every issue of the 2005 calendar year in a superb album laden with stories and images of New Zealand’s innovation, culture and history.

It was a philatelic time capsule, with meticulously researched history, fascinating anecdotes and evocative images to accompany each issue.

Information, entertainment and collectable all in one!

A Choice of Two

Comprising 84 pages (20 more than the previous year) packed with fascinating insights, The New Zealand Collection 2005 was the largest and most comprehensive we had ever produced at the time. It was also among the most interesting – it featured contributions from well-known Kiwi personalities such as rural specialist Jim Hickey, documentary-maker and social commentator Gary McCormick and sports writer Ron Palenski.

What’s more, the collection was available in two different formats. If you chose the stylishly bound prestige format, you had a year’s worth of mint stamps, valued at $72.75, securely contained in a protective slip case. Meanwhile our second style choice, complete with dust jacket, had an identical design but featured photographic replicas of the stamps instead of originals.

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Image Title Description Price
Book Annual album containing all of the New Zealand Post stamps issued in 2005. Also included within this beautifully displayed album were stories behind each of the stamp issues. $89.00
Book Annual album containing stamp illustrations and the stories behind each of the stamp issues. No stamps included. $24.95

Technical information

Issue date: 1 December 2005
Stamp issues featured:
  • 2005 Year of the Rooster – New Zealand Farmyard Animals
  • 2005 Commemoratives
  • 150 Years of New Zealand Stamps Series 1855 - 1905
  • 150 Years of New Zealand Stamps Series 1905 - 1955
  • 150 Years of New Zealand Stamps Series 1955 - 2005
  • Café Culture
  • DHL New Zealand Lions Series Tour 2005
  • Personalised Stamps 2005
  • 2005 Worldwide Fund for Nature – The Kākāpō
  • 2005 Children’s Health - Children and Pets
  • King Kong
  • Christmas 2005
  • The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe