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The New Zealand Collection 2007

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Of all the collectables that we produce each year, The New Zealand Collection is surely the most keenly anticipated – and the 2007 edition was our best yet.

Issue information

This superbly designed publication featured a selection of the year’s stamps accompanied by captivating photographs and fascinating in-depth commentary from some of New Zealand’s best known personalities.

Turn its pages and you could learn about the events we've celebrated, the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met and the natural wonders we’ve discovered like the 50th anniversary of the opening of Antarctica’s Scott Base, the 60th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh and the centenaries of four of New Zealand’s well-known community organisations... the Kiwi inventors who’ve taken great gadgets and gismos to the world... the language that only New Zealanders speak... the animals that Kiwi conservationists are fighting to protect... the sparkling skies at night... and the extraordinary mountains, rivers and lakes that make New Zealand one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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Image Title Description Price
Book Annual album containing all of the New Zealand Post stamps issued in 2007. Also included within this beautifully displayed album were stories behind each of the stamp issues. $89.00

Technical information

Issue date: 7 November 2007
Stamp issues featured:
  • 50th Anniversary of Scott Base 1957 - 2007
  • Classic Kiwi
  • Clever Kiwis
  • Royal Diamond Wedding Anniversary
  • 2007 Centenaries
  • Children’s Health - Peaceful World
  • 2007 Year of the Pig
  • Christmas 2007 - Christmas Symbols
  • New Zealand Native Wildlife
  • 2007 Scenic Definitives
  • Southern Skies
  • 2006 Personalised Stamps Rate Change
  • 2007 Personalised Stamps
Period of sale: This book remained on sale until 22 October 2015.