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Are all veterans elderly and retired? Who are New Zealand’s veterans? 

The six veterans featured in this series of stamps were all deployed from 1995 or later, and sometimes deployed multiple times. They represent the over 42,000 living veterans who have served New Zealand in dangerous places while serving in the New Zealand Army, the Royal New Zealand Navy or the Royal New Zealand Air force.

They were all awarded the New Zealand Operational Service Medal. This medal is given for service that exceeds the normal requirements of peacetime service and involves a credible military threat from the enemy’s military, insurgents, or other hostile forces.  

After their service veterans return to civilian life, but impacts from those deployments can remain with them for the rest of their lives. 

They may march in the Anzac Day parades with the older veterans of previous conflicts and wars, but these veterans aren’t retired from the workforce; they have left the New Zealand Defence Force and now live and work in our communities. They are ordinary people who at times in their lives performed an extraordinary service for their country.

Visit Veterans' Affairs to find out more.

Date of issue:  3 April 2024


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