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1907 Redrawn Pictorials

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By 1906 the 1/2d, 3d, 6d & 1s pictorial stamp printing plates needed to be replaced. The opportunity was taken at this time to reduce in size the 3d, 6d and 1s stamps so that they would be the same size as the 1d value.

Issue information

In January 1907 new printing plates were also approved for the 1d stamp so that it could be surface printed, to reduce production costs. Quantities of both the new 1d and 6d stamps were overprinted 'OFFICIAL' for public service use.


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Historical information included on this page sourced from The Postage Stamps of New Zealand published by the Royal Philatelic Society of NZ. Their web site offers further information useful to those interested in the stamps and postal history of New Zealand. Link:

Product Listing for 1907 Redrawn Pictorials

Image Title Description Price
Single Stamp

Single 1d 'Penny Universal' gummed stamp.

This stamp illustrates the female figure of 'Zealandia' representing New Zealand with a background image of a steamer, representing a mail boat, sailing past Mount Egmont (Taranaki). 

First issued December 1908.

Single Stamp

Single 3d 'Huia' gummed stamp.

Huia (Heteralocha acutirostris) became extinct in 1907 as a result of hunting, clearing of their forest habitat and over zealous specimen collecting for overseas museums. The bird was noted for its green black plumage, its rounded orange wattles and white-tipped tail. The female had a long, slender curving bill which made it easily distinguishable from the male, which had a much shorter but more powerful beak. Almost always seen in pairs, they normally bounded along the ground or from branch to branch, flying only when necessary. Huia tail feathers were greatly prized by the Māori as symbols of rank and used as adornment by chiefs.

First issued June 1907.

Single Stamp

Single 6d 'Kiwi' gummed stamp.

Kiwi (Apterygidae) are the most primitive birds found in NZ. They have probably been here for 70 million years and, because they are unique to this country and a highly distinctive family, they have become a national symbol. Like the extinct moa, the kiwi is unable to fly. The birds stand about 31 cm tall, and have a long, sensitive bill to find their food - worms, grubs and ground insects, and fruit fallen from trees to the forest floor.

First issued March 1907.

Single Stamp

Single 1s 'Kea and Kākā' gummed stamp.

Kea (Nestor notabilis) depicted on  the left of the stamp is a parrot about 46 cm long, with olive-green feathers and scarlet under wings. It is a bird of great personality, raucous and inquisitive. Kākā (Nestor meridionalis), on the right is a parrot about 45 cm long, is often heard before being seen - its loud, harsh call travelling some distance. Its appearance is striking - bright red-orange neck, abdomen and rump, olive-green above, with scarlet under wings which can be seen when the bird is in flight. 

First issued December 1907.


Technical information

Date of issue: 1 March 1907
Designers: Guido Bach, W R Bock, Wellington and E Howard
Printers: Government Printing Office, New Zealand
Stamp size: 20mm x 24mm
Sheet size: 240 stamps per sheet; Booklet panes of six stamps
Process: Surface printed - typography
Perforation gauge: Various combinations used
Paper type: 1d: De La Rue, NZ and star watermark; Others: Cowan, NZ and star watermark.