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1982 Ross Dependency - Pictorials

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This Definitive Ross Dependency stamp issue commemorated the 25th anniversary of the opening of Scott Base, near Cape Armitage on Ross Island. The base was established for New Zealand's scientific research programme on the frozen continent.

Issue information

Adelie Penguins - 5c
Well known in this section of the Antarctic continent, these penguins gather each year on the rookeries to mate, hatch and feed their chicks.

Tracked Vehicles - 10c
The motorised toboggans and sledges used for polar travel replaced the huskies once used for pulling sledges.

Scott Base - 20c
New Zealand's principal base on the ice of Antarctica.  Upgrading and expansion of the site in the 1980s included the construction of a new laboratory, power-house, administration and accommodation facilities.

Field Party - 30c
Depicted with their equipment, this group is working near the unusual "stripey" mountains of the Upper Taylor Valley.

Vanda Station - 40c
Situated in the centre of the Dry Valleys, this station acts as a summertime base for field parties and search-and-rescue operations.

Scott's Hut, Cape Evans - 50c
Another of Robert Falcon Scott's bases in McMurdo Sound for his 1911-1913 expedition, this was the headquarters for his fateful attempt to reach the South Pole.

Technical information

Date of Issue: 20 Januaray 1982
Designer: R M  Conly, Waikanae
Printers: Leigh-Mardon, Australia
Stamp Size: 37.5mm x 26mm
Sheet Size:  100 stamps per sheet
Process: Lithography
Perforation Gauge: 15.5
Paper Type: Unwatermarked