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2024 Year of the Dragon Gold Plated Medallion

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Chinese New Year is always a joyous event ‒ a riotous blend of colour, sound, and spectacle. In the home, you might be sharing food with your extended family, a red envelope clutched in your hand while jasmine tea scents the air.

You might be twining together lanterns, their traditional red-and-gold adornments bringing prosperity to the time ahead. Or you might be attending a street parade, experiencing the Chinese food, music, performance and culture of your local area. Public celebrations of Chinese New Year are popular in many of Aotearoa New Zealand’s major cities, with people of different ages and ethnicities participating in Chinese culture.


  • 1oz silver medallion with selective gold plating
  • Minted from 0.999 silver
  • Only 999 available worldwide
  • The perfect gift for someone born in the Year of the Dragon.


Minted from 0.999 silver and finished with selective red ink and gold plating, this medallion features a striking illustration of a Chinese dragon. The Year of the Dragon is a particularly fortuitous one. Those who are born under this zodiac sign are said to be charismatic, powerful, and naturally lucky. It’s said that their disposition naturally draws them towards leadership, and thus enjoy success, wealth, and prosperity. These are often seen as ideal traits in Chinese culture, with many people favouring the year of the dragon for making important life decisions. In fact, there is often a baby boom amongst Chinese populations during Dragon years, with families hoping that their ‘dragon babies’ will enjoy their innate luck.

The obverse of the medallion features the country of origin and metal quantity, and artwork created by New Zealand artist Dave Burke especially for NZ Post’s precious-metal medallions.

This medallion celebrates the Chinese New Year in the Year of the Dragon. Click here for more information.

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Date of issue: 6 December 2023
Composition: 0.999 silver with select gold plating and selective colour
Finish: Proof
Weight: 1oz
Dimensions: 40mm
Shape: Round
Obverse design: NZ Post obverse
Reverse design: 2024 Year of the Dragon
Designed by: Ying-Min Chu, Wellington, New Zealand
Worldwide mintage limit: 999
Mint: Sunshine Mint International Ltd
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