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About stamps

About stamps

Stamps are fascinating collectables with a long and interesting history. Find out about the origin of stamps, stamp production, stamp collecting and stamp terms. 

Focus magazines

Take a look at our past biannual Focus magazine publications. 

Stamp bulletins

Take a look at our stamp bulletins from the past. 

The history of philately

Philately dates back much further than you probably realise. 

History of New Zealand stamps

New Zealand stamps have an interesting history stretching back to 1855. 

Stamp production

Learn about the stamp-making process and the different elements of a stamp. 

Stamp collecting

Stamp collecting is an interesting and educational hobby. Find out all you need to know about starting and maintaining a stamp collection. 

Inherited collections

Find out everything you need to know if you inherit a stamp collection. 

Stamp terms

Stamp collectors use a range of terms which might need some explanation. View this list to gain a better understanding. 

Useful links

View a range of links to other useful stamps websites. 

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