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King Edward VII and Dominion

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When Queen Victoria died in 1901 she was succeeded by her son Edward who became King Edward VII.

Issue information

The 1d Universal stamp had at that time just been issued and as the new pictorial stamp issues were only three years old, it was decided not to issue stamps depicting the new monarch till 1906.

Edward VII who was born on 9 November 1841, was nearly 60 years old when he succeeded his mother as British monarch. As Prince of Wales, he acquired a reputation as a playboy and was heartily disapproved of by his mother, but he was also a noted sportsman, traveller, and patron of the arts. Edward and his wife, Alexandra of Denmark, presided over an unconventional social set that included members of the upper middle classes as well as the traditional aristocracy.

Although when he succeeded to the throne he had little experience in Government, Edward was extremely popular during his short reign - he died on 6 May 1910.

In June 1906 it was decided to issue a series of stamps depicting Edward VII but at the same time retaining the Penny Universal design. The following year the status of New Zealand changed when the country was proclaimed a Dominion as opposed to a Colony.

As a result of the above in March 1908 the Postmaster-General announced that the 1d Penny Universal would be reissued with the words 'Dominion of New Zealand' in place of 'New Zealand' and that King Edward VII stamps would be issued in 1/2d, 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d, 8d, and 1s values.

Stamps depicting Edward VII continued to be produced for over a decade after his death, and the 1d Dominion was not replaced until 1926.


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Product Listing for 1909 King Edward VII and Dominion

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Image Title Description Price
Single Stamp

Single 1/2d 'Green Edward VII' gummed stamp.

Single Stamp

Single 1d 'Penny Dominion' gummed stamp.

The female figure of 'Zealandia' represents New Zealand with a background scene of a steamer, representing a mail boat, sailing past Mount Egmont (Taranaki).

Single Stamp

Single 2d 'Mauve Edward VII' gummed stamp.

Single Stamp

Single 3d 'Brown Edward VII' gummed stamp.

Single Stamp

Single 4d 'Orange Edward VII' gummed stamp.

Single Stamp

Single 4d 'Yellow Edward VII' gummed stamp.

Single Stamp

Single 5d 'Brown Edward VII' gummed stamp.

Single Stamp

Single 6d 'Red Edward VII' gummed stamp.

Single Stamp

Single 8d 'Blue Edward VII' gummed stamp.

Single Stamp

Single 1s 'Orange Edward VII' gummed stamp.


Technical information

Date of issue: 8 November 1909
Designers: W R Royle and Sons, England and Guido Bach
Printers: Government Printing Office, New Zealand
Stamp size: 20mm x 23mm
Sheet size: 1/2d: 240 stamps per sheet;  2d to 1s: 120 stamps per sheet; Booklets containing both 1/2d and 1d stamps
Process: 1/2d and 1d: Surface printed - typography; Other values: Recess printed - Intaglio
Perforation gauge: Various combinations
Paper type: De La Rue, NZ and star watermark; Cowan, NZ and star watermark; Various.