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New Zealand's Perfect Scenes 1972 - 2001

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Since 1972 we had captured our breath-taking scenery in 25 separate photographic issues. New Zealand’s Perfect Scenes brought all these issues together in one magnificent book. 

Issue information

New Zealand’s Perfect Scenes was a magnificent record of nearly 30 years of fine images. Even non-collectors would have enjoyed it as a rich documentation of our land’s beauty.

Lakes, mountains, islands, parks, waterfalls, beaches, harbours, rivers, changing seasons, bridges, coasts, walkways, rock formations, glaciers and more – all were presented in full stunning colour.

Released alongside the 2001 Scenic: 100 Years of Tourism, this hardcover book recorded these photographic stamps from our annual scenic issues from the previous 30 years.

Filled with interesting information and magical full colour photographic images of some of our most spectacular scenery sat beside reproductions of stamps from each of the issues, including detailed information about the stamps and the natural wonders that had inspired them.

Actual stamps of three recent issues – 1999 Scenic Walks, 2000 Scenic Reflections and 2001 Scenic: 100 Years of Tourism, were mounted in the book. In addition, packs of extra mounts for the previous issues were also available.

A special mounted sheet comprising three sets of the 2001 Celebrating 100 Years of Tourism issue completed the Perfect Scenes perfect package.

This book was a wonderful pictorial history of the issues we’ve created to celebrate the beauty of New Zealand’s varied landscape.

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Image Title Description Price
Book Book containing New Zealand Post Scenic stamps from issues released in 1972 - 2001. Also included within this beautifully displayed book are full colour photographic images, stamp reproductions and stories behind each of the stamp issues. $69.95

Technical information

Issue date: 4 July 2001
Stamp issues featured:
  • 1972 Scenic Lakes
  • 1973 Scenic Mountains
  • 1974 Offshore Islands
  • 1975 Forest Parks
  • 1976 Scenic Waterfalls
  • 1977 Scenic Beaches
  • 1979 Small Harbours
  • 1980 Large Harbours
  • 1981 Scenic Rivers
  • 1982 Four Seasons
  • 1983 Beautiful New Zealand
  • 1985 Scenic Bridges
  • 1986 Scenic Coasts
  • 1988 Scenic Walkways
  • 1990 Anniversaries
  • 1991 Rock Formations
  • 1992 Scenic Glaciers
  • 1993 Thermal Wonders
  • 1994 Four Seasons
  • 1995 Cities by Night
  • 1997 Scenic Trains
  • 1998 Scenic Skies
  • 1999 Scenic Walks
  • 2000 Scenic Reflections
  • 2001 Celebrating 100 Years of Tourism