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Orchids are usually associated with the steamy heat of the tropics or the rarefied atmosphere of the professional's greenhouse, but these flowers are different. These are some of New Zealand's own native orchids. Blooming mostly in the summer months, native orchids make themselves known to watchful field or bush walkers in any of New Zealand's islands. 

Issue information

The miniature sheet was issued in April 1990 in support of the New Zealand 1990 World Stamp Exhibition held in Auckland.

An imperforate version of the miniature sheet was also produced only being able to be purchased with tickets to the Stamp Exhibition - the official day of issue of this version of the sheet was 23 July 1990.

The Miniature Sheet features: Thelymitra pulchella (sun orchid); Corybas macranthus (spider orchid); Dendrobium cunninghamii (winika orchid); Pterostylis banksii (greenhood orchid); and Aporostylis bifolia  4 x 40c and (odd-leaved orchid) 1 x 80c vertical stamps.

Product listing for Orchid

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Image Title Description Price
Miniature Sheet

Mint, used or cancelled miniature sheet. ( 4 x 40c and 1 x 80c vertical stamps. A surcharge of $2.50 for each sheet sold was passed on to the Executive Committee New Zealand 1990 in support of their World Philatelic Exhibition which was held in Auckland in 1990.)


Technical information

Date of issue:  18 April 1990
Designers: L Fisher, Auckland
Printers: Leigh-Mardon, Australia
Stamp size: 29.5mm x 35mm
Miniature sheet size: 180mm x 80mm
Process: Lithography
Perforation gauge: 14.25
Paper type:  Red phosphor coated, unwatermarked
Period of sale: These stamps remained on sale until 18 April 1991.