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Queen Elizabeth II

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's many visits to New Zealand have seen her become closely involved with all aspects of New Zealand life over a reign of nearly 50 years.

Issue information

Five Decades of a Queen and Country

In 1953, Queen Elizabeth II was the first monarch to visit New Zealand and the first to adopt the title of Queen of New Zealand. Through five decades of significant social and political change, she has worked diligently to be involved in all aspects of New Zealand life, both official and informal.

Her Majesty has opened sessions of the New Zealand Parliament, the first Sovereign to do so. She has attended concerts and command performances, sports events, visited schools and factories and won admiration for her informal 'walk-abouts'. She has shared with us events from the bi-centennial of Captain Cook's landfall to the opening of the Beehive (Parliament Building) and the 150th Anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi.

New Zealand has changed considerably since Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne, in 1952. So too, has her relationship with us. From the young Queen arriving for the opening of Parliament on 12 January 1954, wearing her Coronation gown for the first time since the ceremony at Westminister Abbey, to the latest official portrait. This special Queen Elizabeth II stamp issue captured the dignity and humanity she has displayed throughout the changing years.

Product Listing for Queen Elizabeth II

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Image Title Description Price
Single Stamp

Single 40c 'Royal Visit 1953' gummed stamp.

The 40c Royal Visit 1953 stamp showed the young Queen arriving for the State Opening of Parliament.

Single Stamp

Single 80c 'Royal Visit 1970' gummed stamp.

This 80c Royal Visit 1970 stamp captured the spirit of the 'walk-abouts' that brought the Queen close to her people.

Single Stamp

Single 90c 'Royal Visit 1977' gummed stamp.

The 90c Royal Visit 1977 stamps showed the Queen was once again among the people on her Silver Jubilee visit.

Single Stamp

Single $1.30 'Royal Visit 1986' gummed stamp.

The $1.30 Royal Visit 1986 stamp design was also used on the special commemorative coin.

Single Stamp

Single $1.50 'Royal Visit 1990' gummed stamp.

The $1.50 Royal Visit 1990 stamp celebrated her visit to the Commonwealth Games in Auckland.

Single Stamp

Single $2.00 'Official Portrait for New Zealand' gummed stamp.

The Official Portrait for New Zealand, taken at Buckingham Palace was displayed on the $2.00 stamp.

First Day Cover First day cover with stamps affixed. Cancelled on the first day of issue. $7.40
Limited Edition Limited edition collectable containing exclusive stamp products not available anywhere else. $135.00

Technical information

Date of issue: 3 October 2001
Number of stamps: Six
Denominations and designs: Gummed - 40c 1953; 80c 1970; 90c 1977; $1.30 1986; $1.50 1990; $2.00 Official New Zealand Portrait. A six stamp strip was also available at a cost of $6.90.
Stamps and first day cover designed by: Ann Adams, Wellington, New Zealand
Number of colours: Four process colours plus metallic and image overgloss
First day cover size: 120mm x 205mm 
Stamp size and format: 30mm x 40mm (vertical)
Printer and process: Southern Colour Print, Dunedin, New Zealand; offset
Number of stamps per sheet: 25 
Perforation gauge: 13.85 x 13.75 and Die cut
Paper type: De La Rue 103gsm red phosphor coated
Special blocks: Plate and imprint blocks could be obtained by purchasing at least six stamps from a sheet. Barcode, value and logo blocks could be obtained by purchasing at least two stamps from a sheet. Barcode blocks were availabe in both A and B formats.
Period of sale: These stamps remained on sale until 2 October 2002.