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The New Zealand Collection 2003

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Every year is an exciting opportunity to produce great stamps, but 2003 proved a landmark for New Zealand Post.

Issue information

We have taken New Zealand and New Zealanders to the world in a celebration of our proudest moments, offering a uniquely historic insight into this small nation and its sense of identity, place and purpose.

We have been honoured to participate in the electrifying conclusion to one of the world’s great cinematic events, The Lord of the Rings. We have witnessed the anniversaries of some of the world’s most significant events, including the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the first ever conquest of Mount Everest. We have shared some of New Zealand’s most loved characters and characteristics, with spotlights on our internationally renowned ballet company and our very own Men in Black – the indomitable force that is the All Blacks.

The New Zealand Stamp Collection 2003 was complemented with in-depth information contributed by specialists, making compelling reading for collectors and non-collectors alike. This was a wonderful tribute to New Zealand and our stamp design industry.

Your Album: Your Choice

After a successful introduction in 2002, New Zealand Post was delighted to once again offer this beautiful collection in two different formats – one a superb collector’s piece, the other ideal as a present for friends or family, or as a very special corporate Christmas gift. Both were a single integrated record of an entire year’s issues, complete with the stories behind their selection.

Comprising 63 pages packed with fascinating insights, The New Zealand Collection 2003 premier bound format included a mint set of selected postage stamps issues between December 2002 to November 2003 and was securely contained in a protective slip case. It featured contributions from well-known Kiwi personalities such as Director Peter Jackson, founder of Weta Richard Taylor, Sir Edmund Hilary and Mark Di Soma.

Meanwhile our second style choice had an identical design but featured photographic replicas of the stamps instead of originals.

Product Listing for The New Zealand Collection 2003

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Image Title Description Price
Book Annual album containing all of the New Zealand Post stamps issued in 2003. Also included within this beautifully displayed album were stories behind each of the stamp issues. $89.00
Book Annual album containing stamp illustrations and the stories behind each of the stamp issues. No stamps included. $40.00

Technical information

Issue date: 5 November 2003
Stamp issues featured:
  • Team New Zealand – The Defence
  • 2003 Year of the Sheep
  • Royal New Zealand Ballet 50th Anniversary
  • Military Uniforms
  • 2003 Scenic Definitives
  • Conquest of Everest
  • Queen Elizabeth II – 50th Anniversary of the Coronation
  • 100 Years of New Zealand Test Rugby
  • 2003 Children’s Health – Children’s Playgrounds
  • 2003 Scenic - Waterways
  • Veteran Vehicles
  • Christmas Decorations 2003
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King