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Making Games - A Developing Industry

From the early days when ‘video game’ technology consisted of a scant few coloured dots moving slowly across a dark background screen, human imagination has made more of games than what we see on the screen.

We imbue the visuals with meaning and we map stories onto them – even the ones with little written narrative to speak of – so it’s no surprise that a storytelling culture such as Aotearoa’s has always punched above its weight in such a medium.  

Games developed in New Zealand have run the gamut from multimillion bestsellers to winners of every major international game award, and these stamps showcase a diverse mix of those commercial and critical successes. 

Whether you play games to unwind on the bus or plugged into your PC, dialled in on a voice call with a half-dozen of your mates, video games provide a way to relax, to socialise, to explore, and to tap in to worlds both weirder and more expansive than our own. 

Date of issue: 6 March 2024

Making Games - A Developing Industry

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