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Scenic International Air Booklet

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This self-adhesive booklet featured the same $1.10 stamp design from the Scenic Definitives issue released in March 2000.

Issue information

This Scenic International Air self-adhesive booklet featured the $1.10 stamp which was the same design as the $1.10 gummed Scenic Definitives stamp issued on 6 March 2000. The $1.10 denomination first came into effect in 1999 whith the change in international postage rates for sending a postcard and aerogramme anywhere in the world and the sending of medium-sized letters by International Air, to Australia and the South Pacific.

The stamp design featured the Kaikoura Coast, nestled against the sheer slopes of the Seaward Kaikoura Range located in the South Island of New Zealand. A drive along the wild, windswept coast provides magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean. The stamp’s border featured the seals commonly sighted along the Kaikoura Coast.

Product Listing for Scenic International Air Booklet

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Image Title Description Price
Self-adhesive Booklet Booklet containing 5 x $1.10 self-adhesive stamps. $5.50

Technical information

Issue date:  3 April 2000
Number of stamps:  One
Denomination and design:  $1.10 Kaikoura Coast
Stamp design by:  Red Cactus of Wellington, New Zealand
Booklet designed by: Stamps Business, New Zealand Post
Number of colours:  Five process colours
Paper type:  Phosphor tagged self-adhesive stamp paper
Number of stamps per booklet:  Five