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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games coins

In 1920 the first New Zealand Olympic Team marched under the New Zealand flag in Antwerp, Belgium. Four athletes competed in black singlets with the silver fern emblem hand-sewn over their hearts. The fern continues to inspire New Zealanders of today, as it has done for a hundred years. It will do so again, at Tokyo 2020.

New Zealand’s Olympic history began a little earlier, in 1908 at the London Games, when the New Zealand athletes were part of an Australasian team. The emblem on their shirts bore a tiny kiwi and silver ferns beneath an emu and kangaroo. While we were yet to stand alone as Aotearoa, for the first time an Olympic medal was awarded to a New Zealand athlete, Harry Kerr, proudly wearing the silver fern.

For more than 100 years, over a thousand Olympians have competed, providing memorable moments, triumphs, pioneering efforts, near misses and hard-luck stories. The games have survived through world wars, boycotts, controversy, and although delayed, they are on track to continue beyond the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The fern, worn in that very first Olympic Games, continues to connect and inspire our athletes today - to where they come from, to our people and to our land and sea, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games coins

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