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Stamps of Sporting Endeavour

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For the past two years, New Zealand Post has recognised a number of sporting achivements with commemorative stamps issues. These have now been brought together in this special publication.

Issue information

Over the previous two years, New Zealand Post recognisged a number of New Zealand sports and sporting milestones with commemorative stamp issues. These ranged from the timely ‘Victory’ stamp that celebrated Black Magic’s success at the America’s Cup to larger issues that commemorated the centenaries of cricket, rugby league and the Olympics.

It was no suprise that these stamp releases proved to be very popular as sport has long occupied a special place in New Zealand life. At New Zealand Post, we decided to provide people with a penchant for sports, as well as stamps, with an eye catching opportunity – a specially commissioned book entitled Stamps of Sporting Endeavour.

This beautifully produced, 28-page, high-aulity, hard cover publication brought together six sport issues: Atlanta Olympics 1996, Centenary of Rugby League, Golf Courses, Centenary of the New Zealand Cricket Council, Racehorses, 1995 America’s Cup – Victory.

Each stamp issue was presented alongside a reflective essay written by renowned sportswriter Ron Palenski. Palenski offered wonderful insights into the sporting threads that are woven into New Zealand culture, and revisited some of our most treasured sporting moments.

The innovative design and illustration of Stamps of Sporting Endeavour reflected the individual nature of the chosen sports. Our aim was to produce a book that would stand alone as a beautiful and interesting publication as well as being an important collector’s item.

“If there’s one single thing that brings all sections of New Zealand society together, and unites us in a common interest and cause, it is sport. It is our enduring television interest, our prime conversation piece (plus the weather!) and, for many, our passion. New Zealand Post, through its commemorative stamp issues, captured and encapsulated the national trait. Stamps of Sporting Endeavour brought together, in one finely-crafted volume, the stories of the sports.” – Ron Palenski

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Book Book containing New Zealand Post sport stamps issued from 1994 - 1996. Also included within this beautifully displayed publication were essays about the chosen sports and 24 mint stamps. $29.95

Technical information

Date of issue: August 1996
Stamp issues featured:
  • Atlanta Olympics 1996
  • Centenary of Rugby League
  • Golf Courses
  • Centenary of the New Zealand Cricket Council
  • Racehorses
  • 1995 America’s Cup – Victory