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Stamp collecting with NZ Post

NZ Post produces collectable products that celebrate New Zealand's taonga, culture, heritage, arts, stories and people. We understand that stamps are about much more than just postage - they are a means of telling stories and capturing moments in history.

We are in the business of exploring national identities and all of our products and services reflect and support that direction. The collectable programme delivered by NZ Post can be traced back to the 19th Century – but its role and relevance today is founded on a strong knowledge of New Zealand people, history, culture, arts, achievements and heroes. Our purpose is to connect people, communities and commerce with products that celebrate New Zealand identity.

The Collectables business at NZ Post is responsible for the design, marketing, production and distribution of postage stamps for collectors.  We are committed to meeting our customers' needs through innovative products, exceptional service, timely delivery and value for money.

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Benefits of collecting with NZ Post

There are a range of benefits to collecting stamps with NZ Post. 

Stamp issues calendar

Take a look at all the stamp issues NZ Post has planned for this year. 

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Learn about the different types of stamps produced by NZ Post. 

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Find out all you need to know about date stamps. 

Collectables and Solutions Centre

The Collectables and Solutions Centre is a busy hub of all things stamps. 

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